Energy is Everywhere — Why Soul Work is So Important & How To Do It For Your Own Heart

Soul work is a process where you dedicate yourself to actively improving your soul health. … Your energy frequency is your soul’s unique vibration and soul work is, therefore, anything that works to bring your energy frequency, and the very essence of your being, into positive fruition.

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi via Unsplash

In my opinion, everyone has an aura. Whether you think about it or not, you can feel it. That’s how you determine your immediate circle and how you dictate your own environment without knowing. I started to realize this the most when I lived in New York and I lived in tiny apartment after tiny apartment, and I had to live in close quarters with people who were different than me. I learned that not everyone’s energy vibes with mine, and that’s okay. But can you coexist?

You definitely can. As long as your energies are cohesive in a way that you can at least bond over a common thing or interest, then chances are you can at least be roommates or acquaintances. You don’t necessarily have to be friends with your roommates, but if you can manage to be cordial in a way, then you can live together without wanting to avoid them 90% of the time.

When I moved to Los Angeles, it was a different type of energy, I realized that people are a lot more like me and so I vibed with them right away. It took time for me to build my circle, but once I did, I realized that this place was meant for me in the sense that I finally felt like I belonged with like minded people. I loved New York because New York is art, and it is beautiful, filled with so many different energies but I think eventually it was time to explore a new place and environment with something more like me.

You have to own who you are. Soul work can be hard when you don’t know how to communicate with others and present yourself in a confident way. Confidence is everything when it comes to who you are — owning it, and belonging to yourself. For awhile, I was shy about who I really was. It took me almost half of my adult life to realize that I already knew who I was, I was just running from it. I am a writer. I am a dancer. I love fashion. I’m a world explorer at heart & the biggest empath I know.

Confidence in your soul comes from truly knowing and loving yourself to the fullest, once you do that, your aura will shine naturally and you will begin to truly enjoy life and find like minded people who inspire and want the best for you! It is the most beautiful thing, and aligning those elements of your life can make you feel like you’ve won the lottery. So, how do you do this? Look within. Chances are you already know the answers.

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